Heritage Swine

Addie is the Matriarch of our Tamworth herd. She is a registered Tamworth purchased from Mr. Phil Grover of Maple Grove Farms. Addie began her life at our farm as a 4-H pig. This is an essential bonding time where the relationship between stock-person and animal begins. Hogs will perform better in an environment where this relationship is formed in a positive atmosphere.

February 4, 2012 was a historic day at Cain Heritage Farms. Our first litter of pigs was born. You can see in the following photos that we are a family farm and all are involved from farrowing date until market date. These are also a good illustration of the positive atmosphere we create for our livestock.

At two weeks of age Addie was already getting the pigs on pasture. Their "Irish Grazer" heritage shining through. Pigs are natural foragers and will do well on pasture when supplemented with free choice grain and water.