Heritage Turkeys

Turkey poults arrive from the hatchery between one and two days of age. We have always used Cackle Hatchery as our poult supplier.

They have excellent customer service and and extensive offering of all poultry types.

At Cain Heritage Farms we believe in getting our turkeys on pasture as soon as THEY are ready, not when the stock-person is ready. This varies between four to six weeks of age.

We raise more than hogs and turkeys at Cain Heritage Farms.

Future farmers are always eager to help out around the farm

We raise two main varieties of heritage turkeys on our farm; Bourbon Reds and Black Spanish.

Both varieties are good foragers by nature and are fairly easy keepers as compared to other varieties that are more adventurous.

You can learn more about heritage turkeys online at The Heritage Turkey Foundation and the Livestock Breed Conservatory.

Heritage turkeys are naturally mating and slower growing as compared to industrial breeds such as the Broad Breasted White variety. Heritage turkeys will be ready for harvest between twenty-eight and thirty weeks of age.